The Section

About the section

Welcome to the section GRUS, Earthscience Council for Uppsala Students! A section is a student association at the university and is located under UTN, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

GRUS manages study supervision for all courses within the Department of Earth Sciences and we are working with the university to make the education as good as possible.

Our home campus is Geocentrum, at Villavägen 16 where most of our activites take place, and where we have a room for our members, shared with the W section.

GRUS is the small section with the big heart that is constantly growing. We work to make your time with us as fun and contentious as possible with activities such as corporate events, the soccer games against the biologists, barbecue evenings and the recurring Orogenesen party.

These activities are just an part of what the section works with, and since you as a student decides what's going on, opportunities are boundless! It is just through dedication that you may be influencing and making your study time to the best years of your life. So do not hesitate to take the initiative and make suggestions on what you want to do.